Message from our executive director

The industry of Automotive and industrial paints in the world is witnessing a remarkable development in recent times, in which we can see the high level of quality in total products, in order to keep pace with changes in the quality requirements of consumers.

For Qatari market in particular and regional market in general, consumers in this field, constantly search for high-quality products comparable to international products in efficiency and at a lower cost, as cost of products coming from Europe or America has risen significantly due to high prices of raw materials and high global shipping prices, it was necessary to have a local product that provide high efficiency at reasonable lower prices.

Here we have decided to be pioneers in this field in State of Qatar and the region, and to employ our expertise in both technical and market field to provide products that meet the needs of consumers and technicians for quality and prices. We at Unicoate Factory, whether administrative or technical staff, leave no effort to raise the level of efficiency and service to the maximum to satisfy customers and help them to accomplish their industrial work with the least possible effort and cost, and provide them continuous technical support in order to use products correctly and effectively.

We assure you that we are the reliable partner supporting you in the world of Automotive and industrial paints, and we will always strive for continuous development and improvement. 

Chief executive officer

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