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Unicoate Industrial Factory was established as the first Qatari factory specialized in manufacturing of Automotive refinishes and industrial Paints, with support of State of Qatar through Qatar Development Bank. Through this industrial facility, we seek to produce products of featured quality comparable to those in international companies.

It was taken into account from the beginning that the factory should be at a high level of technology and equipped to be able to meet the needs of growing Qatari market for Automotive refinishes and Industrial paints, not only that, but later to launch to regional and global markets. 

We are trying hard to employ our great scientific expertise in this field and from the material possibilities to improve the level of services provided to customers starting from provision of highly efficient products through provision of technical support and training centers and ending with provision of after-sales services without any limits or additional costs to consumers.


At Unicoate Factory, we aspire to be a leader in the Automotive and industrial paints industry not only in Qatar, but also in the regional and Arab markets. Also, we seek to produce paints that meet all needs of consumers of high quality and lower cost than their counterparts of imported products.


Keeping abreast of the continuous technological development of paint industry and employing it in our production, which reflects positively on the quality and efficiency of products.Continuous improvement of performance of company’s personnel by providing them training programs continuously to raise the efficiency of employees working in the factory in all fields. Focus on field of research, development and quality control so that we can constantly improve the quality of products. 

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